Anyone have experience buying app reviews?

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I wanted to know if anyone here buys app reviews? And whats your experience with it? I hear alot of people are killing it with paid reviews/downloads/ratings.

i was thinking about buying some from but wanted to get your opinion first.

let me know what you guys think and if you guys do buy how much u guys usually buy at once??



  • I've never personally used a service like this before but I do have a proposition for you. How about I download and rate/review all of your apps and in return you do the same for me? That way we get some ratings and reviews for FREE!
  • Or does Google Play frown upon this? I am not familiar with their stance on ratings/reviews of apps.
  • Never tried it too. Because I don't know if it's bad or not. And with bad I mean if Google sees it or not.
  • I know 2 users, who recently tried that to gain traction on Google Play. Must have gone hog wild because both of them were banned from Google the following week. If Twitter, Facebook and the like can detect when someone is gaining an unfair advantage with likes/etc, I think Google has the technology to spot patterns of increased review counts in a short period. I dunno, I guess I would say if it's worth losing your account, then go for it. I don't want to give Google any reason to put me under a microscope. ESPECIALLY since if they bann you, your screwed because how do you call/email or text them. You don't. Google makes a decision, and your done. Period. Seems to risky for me especially since a robot will most likely spot the increase and flag your account. All automated these days.
  • Well, they seem to catch up and mildly penalize you, with lower app downloads. A friend of mine tried this a couple of times, it worked good before, but it seems it's getting harder and harder.
  • Btw, if you do try this, try with ordering lower number of reviews and please report, how it goes.
  • I would be more then happy trade reviews of apps. 

    let me know
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