Billy no mates..but not quite

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I have a handful of apps that have had a handful of downloads. Its a hobby and I'm learning.

Its beginnign to look like Amazon is the better marketplace. What do people think.

Somethibg somewhere must be advertising one of my apps on amazon... from 2 or 3 a day I'm now consistently hitting 60 a day.... but not on google.... I'm puzzled...I have tried to publicise the google one!


  • I'll have to take another look at Amazon. I currently only have one of my apps on there but a handful on Google Play. The one app I have on both is doing better on Google Play. I'll have to upload the rest of my apps to Amazon and see how they do.

    On the other hand, I am also on the Opera App Store. And I have to say that all of my apps seem to be doing better on there than they are on Google Play.
  • It's interesting to share are experiences with various app stores. As I've already mentioned, Google Play is by far the best for me, then comes Amazon with 1/10th (and much less for various other apps) of the download volume, and I hadn't have a single download from Opera Store in the last month.

    Where do you check your Opera stats? Is this what you use: ?

    They've added all my apps from Google Play - I haven't added a single one by myself. Maybe that could be the reason for extremely poor performance? Maybe they've missed something or whatever.
  • @hendrixs Yep that would be the link that I use to log in to upload my apps to Opera and to check my apps stats.
  • @shaney_g: Thanks. Well, as I said, I didn't have a single download for the last 30 days. :-/
  • I just joined opera and had to add them all myself :(
  • That was at the beginning - they've contacted me and asked if I'm OK with adding my apps by them to Opera Store. I said sure, go ahead, and had about 80 downloads in the first few days, and after that, not a single download more.
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