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I've got a message today from Amazon, saying: "Mobile app developers can now easily and inexpensively send push
notifications to Apple, Google and Kindle Fire devices using one simple
API. Whether you want to send targeted messages to individual devices or
broadcast messages to groups of customers, the new Amazon SNS Mobile
Push service makes it easy to send push notifications with one API, and
seamlessly scale to millions of notifications a day."

The service is basically free - "... SNS Mobile Push for free for up to one million push notifications per month."

If understand this correctly, their service is a free alternative to AirBop, and not only that, it's also compatible with Kindle devices.

Team Andromo, would you please consider adding this feature? :)



  • You must remember they own Airbop and this would undermine their business.  I would like for Amazon Ad Network to be added ie Admob alternative, but don't expect the SNS to be added.

  • @straybullet: I honestly didn't know that. Well... Maybe AirBop could up the 1000 devices limit (for free messages) to 10.000. I'm not comfortable paying after 1.000 devices, because I'd like to test the market with 10.000. If it works, I'd pay the 20 USD/month.
  • I agree the price could be adjusted. 1000 is hardly enough to fully gauge market response. 
  • I have just reached my limit on AirBop (1000 devices).

    It would be better if this was 1000 devices per app.
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    @tamworthheat 1000 isn't the AirBop device limit it's the free AirBop limit
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