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Hello people

I am a subscribed member for like 10 days now and I am truly enjoying it. Thing is I have some questions, please help me with your experience.

1. I have created and uploaded (in many markets) a range of apps (9) which see to be doing magnificent. I almost had a heart attack two days ago when I saw 2euro profit in admob. Yesterday it was 3E and today it is still rising. My question is: is this money realistic indeed? Are you making such money or more? Or will I be disappointed by finding out I missed something and the income is way less? I never thought such income is possible, with my apps being online for so few days.

2. Even though I updated the bank account details and confirmed the initial deposit of Google I am seeing once again the message "Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment." It shows up yet I cannot fix this and I suspect it is related to address verification. But I see nowhere anything about address verification, maybe it is too early? Or this problem is something way different? Can you show me what I am missing?

3. I thought Admob earnings will connect to Adsense, yet my Adsense is not updated with the admob income. Adsense current balance is still as it was months ago. It takes some time before admob earnings show added in adsense too? Or it won't ever happen? How does the whole "admob-adsense" thing work?

Once again thank you for your time, please spread the knowledge!


  • My questions still stand, please help me with your experience.
    I am stunned at the possible profit, my income yesterday reached 6.75 euros. (let me remind you it's only 9 apps and I uploaded the first only 11 days ago)
    I will show you the stats so you can tell me if the numbers are reasonable - I am worried on it somehow...

    Estimated earnings €12.41
    Impressions  8,475
    Request RPM €1.44
    Fill rate 98.31%

  • @anteos I wouldn't worry about it, I would be happy, if you purchased a yearly account you've already covered your first two months (@ 6.11 Euro a month). If you look through the forums here you'll see that a number  of our users make a very nice side-income using Andromo.

    As far as your AdMob problems, I would contact their support directly. If there is an issue they are the only ones that can fix it.


  • Excellent, thank you Mark
  • I contacted their support and will find out regarding the error message even though I confirmed the bank account, and the issue with admob and adsense not connecting (yet?).

    I hope my way of reaching them works (I used a generic support@admob.com).

    Do you guys know if, when account balance of ADMOB has passed 10euros (the verification threshold) the pin is mailed for address verification? It could be why I am seeing that message then
  • @anteos, congrats, that's great! Would you mind shraing to which markets did you upload your apps? I currently use GP, Amazon, and Samsung.

    What types of apps do you build? Mature, tips and tricks for games, celebrities or anything else? I've done some wallpaper apps and ringtones, but info product apps are working best for me (paleo diet etc.)

    Thanks and welcome to the club! :)
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    I have tried to organize myself well. I created a simple spreadsheet where I note the apps, the current version, the ad networks and the android markets I have uploaded them on. This way I do not forget if an app is updated, if its not online somewhere, what kind of ads I chose for it etc.
    Android Markets:

    Gplay, Opera, SamsungApps, Getjar, Amazon, Mobango, Andapponline,Soc.io

    My apps at the moment are some radio stations, one on Stephen King, one on Ronnie James Dio, etc.
    I plan to expand my apps soon though, make some other styles too.
  • Back for another, simple I think question

    I designed an app for a constructions company and now I must edit their website to make the app visible and let visitors download it.
    I will use a simple Google Play banner with the link of the app.
    Thing is, when a user clicks on it from website, I want to be able to load the Play app and not the play.google.com website

    Will the user be allowed to choose or it will load as website by default? And how to adjust the linking code to make it possible to run GooglePlay app instead?
  • @anteos

    hey mate, you should use this for linking to the google play store:
  • Excellent! Thank you much!
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