Andromo Usage Poll

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Hey everyone,

We've cooked up a short poll regarding your Andromo usage. If you want to help make Andromo better please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey:

Andromo Usage Poll



  • Hey, 
    Why "Which ad networks do you use? *"  - is required?
    There are people that don't use ad networks at all...
  • @miky_vais Thanks for the comment, I've added a none option there.
  • hmm... I think its a bad time for a usage poll considering the current circumstances. maybe I will try this out after the dust clears and I don't feel like I'm buying a service that doesn't have its ad networks well vetted. there are lots of ad networks google play will not work with. Yall should know this.  I have  almost always been happy with what I am paying for here at andromo, b/c it is seamless, painless and error free. I use eclipse as well as app inventor to develope with agony and pain... b/c development (actually) is very trying. This service is awsome when you get it right.  This time...  partnering with PingJam you got it way wrong. And it is costing a lot of people $$. I for one can not honestly and fairly take this poll at this time. Other issues on the table are definately skewing my opinions at the moment. 
    You guys have to make this PingJam thing right Mark. Its really BAD!
  • Pingjam website still operate and you can still sign up... No words for any of pingjam stuff tho....
  • @darthvapor I understand, no need to take the survey if you don't want to. We are working as hard as we can on this issue.

    @f1_fan If were a Pingjam user you should have received a couple of emails from them. If not you can read the CEOs post here:
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