Play it Safe in Google Play

Given all that has happened over this last week I just wanted to remind Andromo users to play it safe in Google Play. What happened as a result of Pingjam is very unfortunate but there are many ways to get banned from Google Play. Since we started Andromo I have seen lots and lots (and lots) of apps taken down for various violations.

Before you publish or republish your app to Google Play I suggest you read the following: In addition to that we also put up a blog post in late August after the big Google Play Policy update that discusses some of these issues: Google Play Developer Program Policy Update


  • Thanks for this reminder. I just saw an Andromo app uploaded to GP called "YouTube". I guess that most people don't bother to read all the policies because they are dry and boring. But it's an absolute must.
  • ah, let google do their job. keep making your apps. andromo is excellent.
  • my question is does youtube videos of disney mickey mouse allowed and also girls pics fully covered girl allowed pics are available in public domain is it  allowed?
  • @dollarlover I'd be careful of the Mickey mouse stuff, especially if the words Mickey Mouse appear in your app title. Google can and will suspend your app and possibly your account.

    As far as girl pics, I'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about girls in bikinis? As you say if they are public domain you should be good to go.
  • @dollarlover: Nope, a friend of mine got banned exactly because of Mickey Mouse. Disney is very serious about their TM's.

    Bikini girls are fine (well, it's a bit of a grey area), but don't use AdMob to monetize the apps. AdMob/AdSense if for family friendly content only - I attended their webinar exactly about this topic. Also no sex tips apps etc.
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