Delete Old APK

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Is there a way to delete an old APK in GP after you have uploaded a new one ?
(I can't see any good reason for Google wanting to keep these old versions around )


  • It is impossible at the moment
  • well its actually a good idea to keep the old versions, incase you create an app breaking error, so that you can revert to the previous version
  • @bruins1993

    I have accidentally deleted an app build in Andromo which is not recoverable. Luckily I had a identical backup build with a different apk. I have unpublished the original and uploaded the backup under a different title. Should I point this out to customers of the previous app as updates won't happen of course. Or just let sleeping dogs lie? It occurred to me that Google may not like it as it restores to a 5 star rating if I get a 5 star review!!

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