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I been cool about not complaining about the whole PingJam thing and other issues, but now find out we have to rebuild our apps because of this sharing of data from our apps without telling us you were doing so. Were you selling our data, I mean why else would you do it?

And the only way we can find out what version our apps are is to download / install them to see what version they are... Seriously can you not say any app built before this date or put the built version in our project list that way when some other issue coms up AGAIN in the future we can see what version of Andromo it was built with without all this hassle.

Also you need to remove the que limit and having to wait 10 minutes between builds temporarily as well since we need to do this asap it seems.

This crap seems to happen on weekends and holiday when people are caught off guard the most. If anyone loses an account over this and you failed to disclose what you were doing with the apps and data sharing, I can see real problems.



  • @straybullet Any app built between October 17th and November 5th should be rebuilt. More information on this can be found in the following threads: and
  • Mark, 

    Thanks, well I think I just rebuilt 30+ apps for no reason, haven't use Andromo during that time.

    I think it's clear Google doesn't want competition in their own market place with data collection or advertising networks.  What is so sad about all this is, they are one of the worst offenders in privacy rights.

  • Google is advertising.  All these issues revolve around advertising networks.  Google for some reason is playing hard ball, really hard. Andromo collecting data is the same as anyone, i bet most of my users dont realise i do it.  But the real problem is google.  If you say pingjam it's like a swear word now, but actually it's an innovative service that google doesn't like.  I haven't really had a bad word to say about Google as a dev but I'm shocked by their attitude towards us devs, (already in violation, instead of heady warning about their changes and intentions) and towards legitimate companies such as appayale. So for me, (10 apps 1 affected, it's not so bad but) I lay the book firmly at Google on this.
  • Google is being harsh, no doubt. However you can't let Andromo not take any blame whatsoever. Not because they were using this sdk, but more because they chose to do so without telling us at all and letting us decide.
  • yeah, that's a good point, it is something though more for the Andromo TOS rather than an option whilst building the app but I do get your point (I think Andromo does too).
  • Who will be next? Amazon? I'm seriously considering removing Amazon adv key from GP apps and using it only on Amazon market versions.
  • I think Google doesn't want to turn against Amazon. They can't isolate themselves like that. It's a vice versa thing. Amazon can screw Google just as much.
  • That's what I do, Amazon ads for Amazon, AdMob for GP and others it works well for me.
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    @tamworthheat tbh I think that I've got my Kindle thanks to having Amazon ads on GP, because my apps are doing better on GP than on Amazon...
  • @mark ... may I suggest, that on the project page you show the date, the app was last built instead of "x days/month ago"
    currently we see
    Last Edit: 2 month ago
    Last Build: 2 month ago
    Build Status: Download

    Would be great if it would be
    Last Edit: September 30th
    Last Build: September 30th
    Build Status: Download

    And maybe you could a version right there below
    Build Version: v2.3.4

    Thanks for looking into this!
  • That's good idea
  • It is not just Google alone.  "Lookout App" scans these apps and also reports these apps as Adaware offenders.  This may scare off users of the apps and cause them not to trust them anymore.

    Not cool.

  • I think it's a case of people/companies following Googles lead.  Not always a good idea.
  • How come this topic doesn't get bumped to the top when it gets a new post?
  • I think im ready to start demanding my money back. I was hesitant about republishing my app because based on user feedback people were still getting banned event terminated for publishing their apps even after the whole pingjam issue.

    My app didn't even have pingjam in it anymore. So if i had republished my app again the only thing I would have a chienved to to got my developers account terminated. Like so many other people did. This was Andromos fault and not anyone elses and they need to take responsibility for their actions.

    Also i have repeatedly pointed out the serious bug issue with video files which technically also falls under the device intrusion thing but the posts magically disappear.

    I support projects like this because i feel they have true potential even though as a consumer i could have gone to any other more advanced adroid / iso builder out there, but the dev(s) just aren't owning up to their own mistakes and taking responsibility for their stuff.

    the sat there and allowed the blame to be put on pingjam while all along it was "their fault".
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