How to use an image or tiled background on a custom page?

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I'm using a lot of custom pages and while I've no problem setting a background colour using the guide I've found no way to set a tiled background or use an image.
The most success I've had is to use 

<body bgcolor="#800517"

This works in the editor but as soon as I save the changes the code disappears and I"m back to a white page.

can anybody give me a clue?


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    Ok got it myself :)

    This works

    <style type="text/css">
  • For a fixed background image with content scrolling over the top this works well, (I've also set the background colour to blend with the image)

    <style type="text/css">

    My only issue is that the image has to be pulled from the server and is not stored in the app. I've tried to get it to work by linking to an image either in the image gallery or html archive but have no idea of the correct syntax for either (or whether it is even possible.)

    I've tried what I consider to be the obvious ie


    background-image:url("andromo://gallery12345 /xxxxxxx.jpg");

    Can anybody help?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Since you know HTML use the HTML activity , it would be alot easier. That way you dont even have to access the file from a different folder just have it in the same folder and zip it up. Ok also many users can help alot more with HTML which means faster answers.


    And here is the zip containing the files

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    Ok and here is the file with code on how to set images . Use the HTML activity its similar to custom activity but you can include images in the same folder as HTML page so you don't need to reference them.

    The coding is kinda weird because Iam used to using javascript instead of CSS . But thanks to you I will make
    a tutorial about images in the future showing different coding styles.
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