Audio activity - error accessing files

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I have a similar issue to one once already mentioned. The sound files in my apps have been uploaded as APK assets and play fine on my dated Samsung phone but i am getting reports other (possibly more recent) phones are giving a "error accessing audio file" Can I ask if a WAV of 8 kbits, 8.00htz, mono, as I am saving files as, is correct and is there a better option compatibility on more phones?


  • Try with MP3, 128 kbps. I too was experimenting with different formats, but you'll get compatibility issues for sure.
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    Thanks Hendrix, its a pain. I am getting great reviews from users then some dude gets compatibility issues and rates me a 1 out of 10.
    It would be nice to find some guidance on what formats will work on certain devices but it is not available yet.  Andromo is a work in progress so i am sure this will follow but in the meantime could we start a thread to state what errors we are getting from certain formats on certain devices so we could at least explain compatibility to users.
    It would be a start!
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