My Andromo App won't install onto my phone...Anyone know why?

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I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it downloads onto my phone but just fails to install.


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    My first guess would be that you have not allowed unknown sources.
    Without more information though its impossible to help.

    do you get an error message?
    What actually happens?
    Stock or custom rom?
    What android version?

  • I click the link in order to download and that is all fine...It downloads onto my phone and then I click to install and it says an error message. I have allowed unknown sources too. Just tried to download from the Google Play Store too and those apps won't install now either...

    Must be something wrong with the phone and not the app itself! 
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    It's possible you don't have enough free space on the device's internal storage to install the apps. You can try removing some apps, and/or try moving some large apps to run off your SD card. (It's a good idea to do that with apps that you don't use as frequently, since they'll launch a bit more slowly off external storage.)
  • Oh right okay! Thanks a lot for telling me that! I will do that and see if it works :) 
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