What are Your Tips for Getting Your Apps Noticed?

Hi Everyone

Taken on your past experiences of marketing your Apps via the big markets, what tips can you give for getting your app noticed and downloaded?

All advice appreciated!



  • Hello and welcome @viadalimited.

    The first 30 days are crucial for your app. You want to rank it as high as you can. If you manage to get in top 100 (maybe top 200), it will start rolling.

    I see people having a lot of success with AppBrain (http://www.appbrain.com/info/advertise) - it's a premium quality service. You can also buy installs cheaper from services like ayetstudios.com. The retention rate is lower, but it will drive your app up the ranking ladder, which matters a lot.

    Some people also use Facebook (direct linking to the app) and I remember someone here reported having a great experience from buying ads on Reddit.

    I've launched a secondary GP account (for games only) and I will start promoting my apps with AppBrain.

    Hope this helps.
  • @hendrixs

    Thank you for your advice, much appreciated!


  • My Android site has 400 members and 1,000 visitors a day. Post your app there for more exposure

  • @pixelpower

    Thank you for the offer.

    Once I've got my app up and running, I will take you up on the offer.


  • @pixelpower: Congrats on growing the forum so fast!
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    Just signed up for your Forum and posted a press release. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Any feedback on Appbrain yet? I've had a look at it. Not great for brand new apps as they want you to already have some downloads and ratings. I might try it out with one of my older apps though.

    I've booked an interstitial campaign for next weekend with Admob (plus a few little animated gif banners) I'll feedback on how it goes with downloads. The Ads are below. What does everyone think?


  • @corrsea
    Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware of that. I never used advertising for my apps before (except on AppsZoom - they had a free trial about a year ago, it helped to boost DL's for one of my apps from 50/day to 250/day and it stayed so for months), but I will need to as my games are having hard time getting traction. I'll report back when I have some experience to share.

    You ads look good, but I'd try to make the text more visible, especially on the banner ad.

    Please report back with your AdMob experience.

  • I already have added $100 to my appbrain account, but never got around to actually create a campaign.
    @hendrixs .. thanks for the reminder ;-)
    I have done so now (for one app with a really good ecpm average over the past 3 month) and will report back in a week.

    I really like the full page ad (I would only suggest to either write the text in white or use a white frame/shadow around the text) to make it, as henrixs said, more visible.

    The banner ad is a bit too "chaotic" IMO. I would rather use a plain black background with only one darker image to the right and write the text in white.

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    @sylviathewitch: Please do, your insights are always good and helpful to a lot of us.
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    Ok, not a 100% sure yet, what to think about appbrain ...
    I have added 3 campaigns with a $0.60 bid.
    3 download within 3 days and all campaigns have the "slow" mark.
    Clicked the bid optimizer and was told to increase the bid to at least $2.50 (suggested bid is $3.00!!!)??
    What the heck?? $3.00 for 1 download?

    Honestly, that is an amount I am not willing to pay for a FREE app.

    Maybe this works for high priced paid apps (or apps with IAP), but not for the free ones.

    What is your guys budget for CPD campaigns?
  • Wow, that's a bit strange. I'd ask their support what's seems to be the issue. 3 USD per downloads is absurd.

    I have a new game in the works and as soon it is launched, I'll test AppBrain and report here. This should be around 15 days from now.
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