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To Admins,
Hi,my google developer account was terminated during pingjam era between 2 to 6th of this month.I was the early bird who tested new apk
for suspeded apps and my account was terminated.As all of you know the story.Still don,t know what happend.
Now i try to upload my apps to diffrent app storeand till now only samsung approve my app.Amazone is still in checking process,as well as opera.
I was on monthly subscription on andromo and the approval process of other app store takes ages.
My request to andromo admins is that all of those who was paying subscriber here and lost their developer account,plz compensate them by 
upgrading their subscription package to yearly without any cost.Mine will end 19th of this month.


  • How long have you been waiting for Opera to process your apps? Just curious because when I upload apps to opera it's instant.
  • Maybe you forget to click Enable when all is up and ready in Opera?
  • Its still shows this "You can enable your applications when they will be verified." 1 week and 4 days ago

  • @admin786 Weird. They have never done that with any of my apps. I am always able to enable them immediately after uploading them.
  • Its not that obvious, having to click the (small) enable link.  It caught me out first time!
  • As @tamworthheat is saying, you probably just need to click the enable button.
  • Hi i uploaded the screen shot of my opera listing.Tell me where is the enable button which i have to click.
    There is no clickable enable button.i already circle them.I updated the build too.
  • Hmmm...where you have enable circled should be a link not just text. I would click edit and double check that you have entered all of the information that Opera requires from you for your app. Whenever I upload an app to Opera, enable is a link and I am able to click it right away. Unless something has changed with Opera I am pretty sure this is what the problem is. I will be uploading a new app to Opera today. I will report back as to how it goes.
  • So I just uploaded that app that i had mentioned. And sure enough it gave me the enable link as usual. So I would go back in and make sure you filled out everything properly. If you did then I would contact Opera about the problem.

  • I suggest you @admin786 ;        to upload the same app again with another name, That could work for you.
  • Hi Gang!!!

    I have 3 apps in the Opera store, and I can't get ANY of them to have the little "Active" box to lite up so I can check it.
    I have the same problem as admin786 above, and I can see that I have to check the "Active" box on the page where I enter the description, screenshots...etc....but I can't seem to get this box to lite up so I can check it.
    I'm thinking i'm missing something in the boxes above this box, but on all 3 apps??????

    ANYONE can help me??

    THANKS in advance


  • well do not hope much or waste time with opera stores I HAD UPLOADED MORE THAN 25 APPS MAY BE 50 APPS AND AT THE TIME of payout$100 they wrote to me some reason that I have done this think that think wrong and terminate my account and took my whole amount and not paid me a penny , and there reasons where all false so hope full you can understand how clever they are they allow be to do the job and when my amount reach at 100$ they kick me out .

  • Opera payout is $200 not $100 . Unless they changed the rules recently.
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