How is everyone monetizing their apps that use Andromo?

I'd love to hear how everyone is making money with their apps. Feel free to share with the forum. Thank you!



  • For me it's mostly adMob and Amazon ads in free apps.I tend to target Google Play, Samsung Apps, and Amazon as far as app stores go.
  • Never done Samsung Apps, is it different from Android apps
    @mark need your advice
  • @freeappzone Sorry I meant the Samsung app store: It's an Android app marketplace just like Google Play. You can see a partial list of app stores on our blog:
  • Thank you @mark for the info
  • Just a shout out for Samsung Appstore - It is huge for my Apps!
  • Samsung App Store is for me also much better than all other alternative app stores combined.
  • What types of ad units are you guys currently using in your apps both in GooglePlay and the Samsung Store?
  • I have Admob banners and Interstitials for both GP and Samsung.
    (I like the idea of having Samsung ads in my apps for the Samsung Market, not sure if it could compete with Admob for revenue, Admob is by far the best source of income, for me anyway).
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    It is wise to use different ad units for different app stores. The policies vary and so do the end users.  Often, the eCPM can be higher for certain app-stores due to your ability to use more engaging ad units.  Every app is different and so are the user-bases. Choosing ad units accordingly will help optimize your revenues.
  • P.S. Notify integrates easily with Andromo to help you boost your revenues. I'm sure there are many on this forum that can vouch for our services. Let me know if you need help. We can help you get started. 

    Happy Developing!
  • I have been using notify and the results have been great so far. They pay everytime you reach $25 and if you have 5-10 good apps you probably will be getting paid weekly.
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