RSS feed image issues

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I'm not sure if this is something wrong, as such, or whether it's just not something that Andromo does-  but I hope you can enlighten me!

I have an app that is basically a glorified RSS reader, pulling in feeds from various sections of my website to get the latest content. The RSS feeds in the Andromo app are all set up and working, links are working fine, etc etc. 

In the RSS Activity stream, when I enable "show thumbnail images (Media RSS)" All of my posts get a little orange RSS icon next to them. Should it be doing this, or should it be picking up the thumbnail of the image for the RSS item instead? When you tap to view an item the images from the post appear normally, just not in the feed listing.

Other app-making programs seem to have this functionality with the same RSS feeds, but I'd rather use Andromo ;p 

EDIT: Attached a couple of screenshots to better explain what I mean - both showing the same feed, on the left is Andromo, on the right is... err.. some other app creator thing.


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