Background updater service for RSS based app

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First of all I must thank andromo for coming up with such an amazing platform to build android apps.

I have been able to attract a lot of eyeballs with one of my RSS based apps, and I can see huge potential in it so I am also investing in it's promotions. One major concern however, has been that the Feed/content on updates once the user is on the app, which makes the app look slow if the user has a slow net connection.

It would be great if the andromo team could add an option to run a background service that could update the feeds after a specific interval which would be set by us, the app author, so that when the user opens the app, he/she finds fresh content most of the times and doesn't have to wait for the content to load.

Thanks in advance


  • True I agree. RSS feeds load slowly depends on the location as suggested above, why not have an
  • This feature could really make a big difference in the user experience, I really hope it is integrated in the andromo system
  • Can anyone please revert on this query?
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