Flappybird 2 demonstration Of custom homescreen , twitter and facebook share, Andromo speed + power,

Ok I want to demonstrate the power of HTML in Andromo and show Andromo can handle speed without slowdowns. Here is flappybird not really a clone its a different version of a game as you will see when you play it. Also it has a custom homescreen plus twitter and facebook share buttons.  Download it and if you have any questions just let me know. If you want source code email me krenisis@gmail.com for info .

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    Pixelpower.... not sure if all Android devices handle HTML5 the way you think they do. Andromo does not have an accelerated canvas that I know of. So your phone might have an accelerated canvas that allows you to run HTML 5 games at a decent speed. I tried HTML 5 games across many devices and some did not work out too well.
  • I didn't use canvas I worked with the DOM which all web browsers use. I tested it on samsung galaxy 3 my friend had and it was actually faster than the computer.
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