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 I do not have googleplay account terminated , 
so I am not able to get apk files  url , 
so please can anyone able to advice me 
how to get an apk's files url to share on 
social websites or to add in my blogspot ?


  • You can host your apk files on your website and use that url or use Opera App Store if you don't have GP account.  Opera is good option.
  • As  my Googleplay account has been terminate coz of you tube apps , so now I am planing to open a new Googleplay account with new gmail new name ( family member) so my question is am I have to register at new admob account or can I use same admob account to monetize my new (audio , play , shout cast radio apps ) which I can see in survey there are many Radio apps , so can I use my previous old admob account which is approve with address verified too shortly and I cannot change my address to get pin in , if I open a new admob account ( prefer to continue old account ) what's your advice can I ?
    Thanking you              N.B CAN i OPEN A NEW Googleplay account SAME pc
  • I agree that Opera is good option cause i remember my friend has a same problem and he do it that move .But to be honest i did not yet experience since i been a staff in a recruitment agency at
  • @amansapps just make sure you dont show ads over you tube videos this is likely to get you banned. Also try samsung and amazon theyre both good.
  • I am sure Opera is a good alternative is you don't have a Google Play store account
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