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hi admin, can I rewuest to add airpush into andromo app... :)


  • You need to be VERY selective which ad networks you want to include in your apps. Recently a lot of devs lost their accounts again as GP was banning everything and everyone who used old SDK's from MobileCore. AirPush was also a cause (in the past) for mass bans.
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    But, by saying that, having a little variety is always good. Personally I'd like to see PlayHaven, AppLovin, or StartApp. But if you have an active AdMob account, you are not missing out. AdMob pays very well and on time.
  • ouw,,, thanks for your information.I dont know if airpush is like that.
  • +1 for startapp, i really like to give it a try. I heard some good feedbacks in the forums regarding startapp
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