New AdMob

Anyone upgraded to the NEW AdMob?
Any hiccups or lesson to be learned


  • Hey, nothing really, only House Ads work a little differently. I liked the previous interface for HA much better, it was easier and more straightforward. :)
  • What I am trying to figure out that it asked to import my legacy account. Not sure what it wants me to do, all my apps are already listed in the new Admob interface from the last time Admob changed so is it a general message for everyone or do I need to do something else?

  • I'd say it's a general message. I too got that message even if I haven't used my old account for a long, long time (I wasn't even able to log in to it anymore). All my apps use the new AdMob ID format and all apps are linked to these new ID's in the console. I think you can't do anything much more than that.
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