Hi Guys, noob here, with specific audio questions

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Hi All,

I just started using it, and I really hope this could help me.

I have a very simple app that I want to make, and I hope andromo can do it.

Basically 2 buttons, one button when pressed plays the word "yes" (audio), and the other one says "no".

I created a custom page to try to achieve this, but it only takes me to my list of audio files, instead if directly playing the sounds.  I assume I can access the sound directly somehow.  Could anyone help me?



  • I don't think you'll be able to play sounds from an HTML based activity such as the custom page.

    I think your best approach using Andromo would be to use a Soundboard activity with two audio tracks. The tracks will appear as a list, which may not be exactly what you're looking for, but this would let you make one say "Yes" and the other say "No" when pressed.
  • my main worries is will audio mp3 song in activate shout cast or audio player we make apps will those apps are non-risky will be that 100% safe in to publish in  Googleplay that is my worries ? other wise we do not have other option only if wall papers ?
  • Assuming you follow all of the Google Play terms and guidelines 100% then your app is safe to publish in Google Play, no matter what Andromo activities you use. But it is your responsibility to follow all of the Google Play rules for content, etc. when creating your app.
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