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It appears the ability to enter a URL when linking your Admob apps is not possible in the new Admob 
I am entering this format in the link/ search for your app field:

I am getting this error message 
"No application found. Please refine your query"

What am i doing wrong here, surely it is possible to link to an app for sale on opera?


  • Why don't you generate the Admob codes manually?
    Select "add your app manually" from the Monetize new app section.

  • hi, yes, that is what I did and I have the codes entered fine.
    My worry was that there appears to be no apps linked to the admob app listings and the "link app" (link) is still available for each app..
    I do not know if this makes a jot of difference as some impressions from the apps on Amazon are actually appearing in Admob so whether "linking" an app just makes the pretty icon appear or it actually impacts on the revenue drawn from the app. I have found some back door way of contacting Admob support (a feat in itself) to ask them the same question but if I get a response I will buy you all a drink!
  • Well you use AdMob but you do not submit in Google Play?
    Seems a bit abnormal I guess.
  • Not that abnormal Anteos, I am one of the many who have been politely removed for alleged breaches of TOS, mine apparantly being keyword spamming. In my case my "keyword spamming" was listing the features on my app. the robot didnt like twice in the space of two days  so byebye GP and my 30+ successful apps were removed in a flash. please dont get me started on this lol.
  • I would urge all who read this to err on the side of caution if listing anything in your GP description. If the robot sees a list of unrelated words that do not make a sentence it seems it will assume they are a list of keywords whether they are relevant to your app or not. 
    Oh dink, you got me started :)
  • I am sorry to hear that.
    I only got confused because I assumed that once GP account gets banned, AdMob soon follows.
    I sincerely wish you will not have that problem because while GP removal is a serious nuisance, AdMob removal is a pain in the ass.
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