Means to do a social wall in Andromo apps?

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Anyone have any ideas how to easily drop a real time chat or "wall" into an Andromo app?  Self-hosted or third party - preferably free since this is going into a non-profit app - and something that people can possibly hit from a web browser as well when they are in front of a PC.

Obviously with a "web app" page, this is doable ... just curious if anyone knows of a mobile friendly/ready tool that could be easily dropped in - social netwroking logins would be a huge bonus.  Thanks!


  • excellent idea, i need a chat app my self to inser in my andromo project, any andromo saff can help on this ?
  • I'm a bit confused as to what you mean by not wanting a "web app page"
    I am unsure if there is another way to do it on Andromo except through the website activity with a message board such as 
    I dont know if proboards offer a free service but many do.
    You can set a website activity to direct to the board but this is possibly what you mean by "web app page"?
    I don't see the problem with this apart from them being set up primarily for PC users and the navigation can be a bit of a chore on a mobile but  it can obviously be hit by a web browser on a PC as you stated you wanted also..
    I did look into more mobile friendly options about 6 months ago and did not find any other better options at that time.
  • I would suggest, that you create a wordpress run database/site on your server, add a plugin for chat
    e.g. Free Live Support Chat ...
    or Boards
    e.g. bbPress
    or any other you like - there are hundreds available (just google it)
    and add a mobile theme plugin
    e.g. WpTouch
    and you should be all set ;-)
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