Can Andromo created apps be played on Blackberry Passport?

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I read that Amazon will be loading its store onto the Passport.  I also read that the Passport supports Android apps.  So I just wanted to see if anyone knows that our apps created here will play on the Passport?  I am assuming they will but want to make sure as i would like to start promoting my apps to this market.



  • BlackBerry OS 10 can run 90% Android applications, so i think it's no problem. You can created apps on Andromo and install APK files on your Blackberry Passport.

    I love BlackBerry so much :)) i'm using Blackberry 8707G & Sony Z. In Viet Nam i can't buy BlackBerry Passport :((
  • I've submitted apps for the BlackBerry 10 devices using their tools that wrap the APK file. But I'm no longer bothering now that Amazon will be available.

    There is no support for Google services (but AdMob and Google Analytics work), but otherwise all Android apps should work.
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