Hide menu bar?

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Is there an option I am missing, I want to make my app full screen.

It doesn't use a Dashboard and only has 1 activity, so I so not want the menu bar up top,its just wasting space.

Can we perhaps add that as an option if it doesn't already exist.


  • I think you can accomplish that by going to Dashboard Type and choose None. Your first activity should show up in full screen.

    I might be wrong, tho, I never tried this.
  • I'm pretty sure you can't do that as the app needs the settings button to show
  • The none option is what I been using and the menu bar is still there taking up precious space. There are no settings the end user needs that menu bar fir. I have a single activity and thats the only thing they need access to.
  • +hendrixs +straybullet quote from when you select none "If you select 'None', your app will open directly to the first activity, and all navigation will be done using the action bar."
  • +tamworthheat your right there mate.
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    Go to dashboard select none, go to styles scroll down to action bar mode select first option. Just checked and noticed. +straybullet
  • Hope I helped.
  • There's currently no way to hide the action bar in your app. I'll submit your suggestion for future consideration.
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