Google Warnings: Content Ratings

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Just sharing a 'heads-up' with you guys based on recent experience:

1. I have received 2 warnings on my GP Account for incorrect / insufficient / misleading content ratings.
2. Warning 1:  relates to a news app that has rss feeds for world news, which I had previously labeled as Low Maturity.  No doubt we live in a sometimes crazy and violent world - but really ??  
3. Warning 2:  related to an app on horse jumping / equestrian which Google alleged had gambling themes - and therefore claimed that my Low Maturity rating was inappropriate and they automatically re-assigned a 'Medium Rating ' to it.   Trust me when I say that I had NOTHING even remotely related to betting or gambling in it.  This one was strange, b/c Google reacted to it about 7 minutes after I launched it.  

-the whole thing smells of 'bot-activity' gone wild, and the app was flagged b/c it related to horses.   Maybe this is a recent change to their bot-algo which is now sniffing for this stuff, b/c I've had news apps up for like 2 years with no problem.

Anyhow:  I suggest that everyone review their Content Ratings and react accordingly.  As for me, I am defaulting all my ratings to Medium - and anything else remotely questionable, I will set to High Maturity


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