Is There A Way To get music to play?

Hi, i was wondering, if there is anyway for the app that you create, to  play music as soon as it opened? like if there was a playlist i could have somewhere embedded in the app. or even for the app just to play the music from my audio activity.
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  • all and to all my apps open a home activities that activity can not be edited for say any other defaultactivity. they should add a default launxh option though. then u cld at least start that automatically
  • @fromanthegr8 Sorry but there is no option to do this currently in Andromo. Your users will always be brought to the dashboard by default.

  • Being brought to the dashboard is fine. how about an intro musical number? I built an app using the MIT App Inventor that plays a little TA-DA sound when the app opens, and I think that's a great way to intro the app. I'd like to use some of those 3 second intros they use when recording radio ads . . .
  • Just a quick note on my earlier comment, while there still is no intro sound, you can now skip the dashboard by using the dashboard none setting.
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