Except google play, how many store for android???

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Except google play, how many store for android???

I want to upload my Appmaster to another store....


  • Amazon... Samsung
  • GP, Samsung and Amazon is all you need. Others are a waste of time - that's my experience at least.
  • Agreed, Samsung have never done the business to much extent, but deffo better that any of the others out of this top 3, Amazon have been good for free apps but not so great for paid. Good numbers on amazon but seems to take a while to establish, maybe something to do with their page ranking system.
  • From my experiences atleast aptoide is a load of crap I only got about 8 downloads in the past 8 months which is quite shocking, Opera app store is OK I've got about 378 downloads in the past 8  months, but my app is not for everyone because not everyone likes dance music.But anyway What I'm trying to say is your better sticking to the main app stores like google play, amazon and samsung or host your app on your website if you have one. 
  • I have yet too launch my app on the major app stores when I get a Job
  • I want to upload to any store as much as possible..
    thank you @dub_boy

    by AppMaster
  • You can try opera app store maybe your app is more successful and will target more people but most other stores aren't the best for getting more downloads, anyway you could launch a website like this and host your app on there here is an example of my app website http://fokusapp.weebly.com/
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