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Hello there,

Is there a way to put a live streaming video, where people open the app and then click to watch live tv.

The stream would be coming from the LIVE TV SERVER, similar way as Youtube link, but in this case, it is not Youtube, but it uses live tv url streaming.

I hope you know better what I am trying to explain here.




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    Anyone with a reply.

    To Andromo developers, why not ADD an activity for TV streaming links, example, where we can input RTM, RTS or HTTP streaming urls.

    Other similar services of app builders do the same, it will be good to add that activity.

    I hope you will add it in the next update.

    Make it our new year's wish!

  • Is it allowed to syndicate other people's TV channels?
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    Yes if the content provider allows it, there has to be permision before streaming other people's tv, and Google take this very series.

    I am responsible of the IT service of a TV Channel, and would like to have that service.

    So, if it is not big deal for Andromo Developers to add an activity like that, then why not add it, the legal issue of the finished app is nothing to do with Andromo.

    Similar ways of running videos of Youtube by other people, is it allowed to syndicate, no it is not without their permision, and there you have a Youtube Activity for it.

    So just add it if it is not roo much work for you guys!

  • @hambalyo: Thanks for the explanation.
  • @ hambalyo - are you speaking of something like HBO go.... a subscription service type app?
  • Thanks hendrixs.

    @ankhdls, no, just a pure tv channel app, we have a streaming url for the tv channel, and convert that into an app, so people open the app, and next step live tv starts.

    At Andromo, we already have audio or Radio streaming activity, so it is just a matter of time we have a tv streaming activity too.

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    I think we can use website activity, but I'm not sure thought since some channel require plugin to run well on browser. but might worth to try - create website activity and put url streaming. then build and test it to see if it can be played from your phone :)
  • you can do it... make your own website and use website activity. check my app here:
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