Andromo's AirBop Integration Now Available!

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Hey Everyone,

We released Andromo version 2.3.0 today which now contains the ability to send push notifications using AirBop -

Release notes can be found on our blog, and full instructions on how to use AirBop in your Andromo app can be found in the AirBop Push Message Notifications knowledge base article.

It's free to sign up, so give it a try!



  • So basicly we have to pay a 3rd party company to use push notifactions right?  isnt there any free api's out there?  I am very disapointed in the way push was implamented. 
  • I have a couple of questions about the 1000 free devices that we get for free:

    (1) if my app already have more than 1000 active devices using it, will I need to upgrade my account or can I just send my notifications (and AirBop automatically adjusts so that only the first 1000 devices will receive it)?

    (2) If I have 2 apps and each app is installed on 1000 devices, do both apps get to use the 1000 free devices quota?

    (3) will it always be free and stay free?


  • You only get 1000 free.  The service is $24/mo minimum.

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    (1) If you go over your device cap, any extra registration requests just get ignored. So basically the first 1000 devices or so would work normally, and the rest wouldn't be able to register to receive any notifications.

    (2) The device caps are per account, not per app. The free service will support up to 1000 active registrations in total at any given time. The distribution of that 1000 devices across your apps will depend on the order in which the devices register and unregister.

    (3) That's the plan. We'd have to have a really, really good reason to change anything.

    The way our paid plans work, once you're subscribed at a certain level, you keep the same price even if that plan goes up in the future -- you essentially get "grandfathered in."

  • Can we see who registered?
  • I try to figure out how to use it. ;-)

    Can it do that:

    Somebody is ordering something via an Andromo form. Instead of sending the shop just an email, can I send them a PushNotification to read their email? If so, then I need a php program to add to my server to trigger the message. The shop will get a PushNotification on their app of the order
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    I don't like where this is going. You should focus more on Andromo. Are we going to pay for options for Andromo? I thought I paid a subscribtion for Andromo, so why don't we get this free for Andromo users? At least a basic pricing program. Co'mon, 1000 active installs. That's not going to work with me. 

    I know you guys are working on Andromo (the new dashboard), but when I see new paid software earlier, I'm getting agry. It looks like your new paid software is more important to you.
  • @elmit2015:
    When your app is run it registers with the AirBop servers with a registration code. So the only information you'll see via AirBop is the registration code, the general location and the language. That is something you'd probably be able to accomplish by programming it yourself, but it's currently not possible using Andromo. I will however submit your feature suggestion to be considered in the future if there's enough demand.

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    Push notifications is a feature that Andromo users have requested very often which is why we decided to implement it. Push notifications have their purpose and not everyone would ever need such a feature. However it is a powerful marketing tool.

    We're obviously still working on Andromo and we will continue to do so. We're sorry if that makes you angry.

  • Darryl, there are many other more important wishes, ... To copy an application is important for me, but I have solved it: I installed a monkey who clicks all what I teach him, ... hehehe
  • @elmit2015
    Yes, copying is in the suggestion box. While some may think it's a quick and simple task, the reality is that it isn't just duplicating a database entry, there are other details involved which make it difficult. We could definitely use some of those monkeys around here, and a few at home :)
  • i just want to know why is airbop a seprate product when its obviously built for andromo.  The andromo page id's were not there before airbop.  both airbop and andromo are build by the same development team.  so my question is why do we have to pay for a second product when the feature should be intergrated into andromo?  is this how new features will be added after the new pricing model was introduced months ago?  i dont have a problem with 1000 free device pricimg plan.  but it should be intergrated into andromo seamlessly.  
  • @linuxnut79 ; AirBop is a separate service because it was built for both Android and Andromo developers. There is nothing that ties AirBop to Andromo applications, in fact some of the features available on AirBop can only really be used by Android developers (custom JSON, label, etc).

    The activity URL's were added in conjunction with the AirBop release as they give you the ability to jump to a specific activity via your push notification, however we plan on using them in other ways in the future within Andromo.

    Regardless of whether AirBop is a separate service or not,  there would be an additional charge for push notifications in Andromo given the server loads and costs. Look at other online app makers or push notification services, no one is giving this away for free.

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    (In fact, the comparable services cost way more than AirBop. If we hadn't built AirBop you'd have to pay up to 8x as much.)

    Not all apps need push notifications, but for some of our users, push notifications are nearly essential and will allow them to generate a lot of revenue, or to provide solutions to their clients that they couldn't offer otherwise. Those users understand the value of push notifications and will be happy with how inexpensive we made them.

    It's an expensive service to operate, so it can't be free, but if you're building apps to make money, you should be able to use push notifications to generate more revenue for you -- either by (a) making your app that much better or (b) actually generating revenue directly. If you can't make money from them, or if your app doesn't really benefit from them, then it doesn't make sense for you to use them in the first place.

  • Just tested this out yesterday. Works a treat so far. Love your work guys.
  • Airbop si pretty neat, but without access to api, it's almost unusable. I would like to send push notifications automatically, triggered by some event on web. For example, when I add some data to database (which I am displaying in app). But to use airbop api, I have to pay 99$/month. So for starting programmers, it is a lot of money :/ Also when I release this app, I would still have to pay for using airbop to keep the functionality.

    Isn't there some possibility to use some startup plan with api support? Or isn't there at least an option to integrate form for message sending into own webpage?

    Thank you for answers.
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