Problems with Samsung builds

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Hi guys,

Some of my radio stations apps are refused in Samsung store and I can see the reason in their report - sometimes, not even one stream works.
I would understand, even though I do severe testing of all streams, that at least one might not play, but we are talking about all streams not working and popping the error message.

My latest 2 updates failed for this reason - no stations play in Samsungs. I do not know what the problem is, my own devices plays them all.
Also, I have received user feedback about the same problem with other devices - last time it was an HTC which played no stream at all.

What could be the problem with it? Is it some kind of intermittent build problem or there is just nothing I can do about it?


  • Hi can you give a sample stream link please ?
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    For example the following shoutcast link
    But it is not a stream problem - in the apps affected, none of the streams work.

    And by the way, I got another refusal today.It's more like I got more than 6 refusals for the same reason by now.

  • Some manufacturer device updates contain bugs that affect the built-in Android MediaPlayer API that we use. Sometimes switching to a different codec or bitrate can help, but there have been some bugs that would prevent audio playback no matter what format you try. (For example, one Samsung update included a bug that would make the device report a fatal error when connecting to a working stream, causing the player to continually reset itself in order to correct it.)

    I'm hoping to look into another method of audio playback in the future, which might help sneak around some of these errors (but might also introduce new problems), however there are a number of big things that need to be worked on before I can get to that.
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    try putting mp3's with 64 bit audio bitrate.
  • @lorne
    I see...however I just wonder why in some apps no stations work while other apps have all streams working.

    In those aps where no streams work, even 64bit mp3 pls files do not work.
  • Hi, I got the following problem-report: (App rejected)

    "Application page gets refreshed when Orientation changes.

    1. Execute the application.
    3. Rotate the device.

    Application page contents should be kept as before the rotation."

    ( This is regarding the main screen as well as within the activities.
    As I can't do anything about that, could you please fix the issue on the App-Maker ?
  • Lately I even get a refusal of my radio apps from Samsung because whenever the user uses the actionbar menu to move to another station and then clicks back, the app is confused over playing or not playing sound. The Play icon is shown, but the Pause icon should be shown instead. I had already noted this in my own device and I thought its a minor glitch, but if a store refuses your apps for it then I guess it is not minor anymore.

    There is a problem with the icons for Shoutcast activity for sure. Even if you simply rotate the device, the Play icon reappears even though the music keeps playing (Pause should be shown)
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    I have not been able to make that happen on my test devices.

    Please open a support ticket providing a link to an app that exhibits the issue you're seeing, the make model and OS of the device you're testing with, and detailed step-by-step instructions to follow that will reproduce the issue.
  • Will do so now.
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