I can't use AdMob, which ad network is good?

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I already have one Google Play account with my apps and monetizing them with Admob, now I want to open another but I can't use same Admob, so which ad network you can recommend for apps? Startapps seems ok to me, becuse I have interstitial ads from Startapp at few apps, and they have banners and interstitial ads.

Can someone please share some impressions with other ad companies?



  • try startapp. you can also check my app here at this link and see the ads. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andromo.dev326540.app368995
  • Startapp is the best banner alternative to admob, but expect really low performance.
    When it comes to interstitials, combine startapp and mobilecore. mC will offer stellar results especially if you manage to have many users.
  • I am growing very tired of Admob myself. They seem to randomly ban apps these days with obscure reasoning and no real person you can deal with on the matter.

    Trying to determine which network to replace them with. I use to use Leadbolt and they worked out pretty good back in the day, but then Google dropped the hammer on some of the networks and Leadbolt was hit badly. I don't know how they preform today but hoping someone can shed some light on it.

    I develop apps with Andromo and games with Unity and need both iOS & Android ads.

    Since Andromo supports a few networks now at least I have some choices other than BadMob

  • Like @anteos said, people report good results with MobileCore. Also, don't forget about Amazon.
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