Admob banning apps

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Recently after over a almost one year using admob with one app, they claim it was against policies and banned it.

Recently they banned another 2 apps, claiming the same, they were like tutorial apps using youtube videos, and some funny videos app.

I had like 6 months or more with them using admob and now they got banned?

Does someone have experience the same lately?

What should I do to do not get totally banned since my account is still active?



  • I dont think its problem with andromo. You must have used copyrighted materials in youtube videos. 
  • @rkumbhar, I think it is admob going friggin nuts we have multiple Google Play dev accounts and we are seeing plain ebook apps banned for very odd reason like promoting abuse of Google Play, really WTF and allow youtube downloads, it's a friggin ebook it doesn't have anythign to do with Youtube or Google Play.

    I think Google need to review their reviewers. It'a like they pay them per flagged app or something. We are seeing too many apps banned for the dumbest reasons.

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