menu for multiple APK's

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I have created multiple live wallpapers that are APK files (not with Andromo this time) and I wanted to know if I can create an app that utilises a menu to offer a bundle of these?
I guess a webpage activity with links to download the APK files would work but is there a better way to do it in Andromo?


  • Well after running foul; of GP's "dont allow downloads from outside of GP" policy I have now zipped up my wallpaper APK's and used the HTML activity. Whilst the APK's installed correctly from an external webpage in the website activity they now trigger the error " there was a problem parsing this document"
    Any ideas why this is happening and also can anyone advise if they think this method will also create problems with GP's TOS?
  • Have you thought of dismissing the idea of offering your live wallpapers in the app, especially for GP store?
    I would do it without worries at any other store. Do not underestimate other Android stores...

    About your error, I got no idea what it could mean. If I were you, I would create a page somewhere with info on the live wallpapers and download links and use a Webview to direct users there.
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