Anyone who is getting 1M+ App installs ?

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Hey everyone i just wanna known that if anyone is getting 1M + App installs in GP ?

If so , then paste the app link in comments so that i can get idea about content , Graphics etc about your app and may be i can develop a app like urs !



  • Hello!
    I have no app of this size, my biggest app was around 100k installs.

    However, if someone got such an app I really doubt he would post the link, especially because you want to develop an app like his, which in short means you are giving him competition :)
  • @anteos Hy friend good to see that your apps are making such big installs.

    No not really this post was just for an idea that how much installs people get maximum. So if anyone is not feeling safe to put link here , it's ok i just want the review about their app installs :)
  • I had an app with 300K + downloads (Had more than 20 in totals but only one got 250K  milestone).
    After that got banned from google playstore...
    After few weeks I had another developer account and After some changes on the app I aploaded this app again but 4-5 months passed and he got only 10K downloads.
  • #arilk nice to hear that you had such big experience of max. App installs !

    I'm sure that you will get more installs and great earnings !

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