Banner ads stop page loading when at top

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I have noticed, certainly on my xperia phone - if I load a webpage in an app and andromo decided to display a banner app at the top, then all I get is the banner. Nothing else.  Banners at the bottom of the page display normally.  Im having to disable banners.


  • futher: It appears to be custom pages mainly effected, not website, sorry.
  • Further still. In fact it's both.

    Do I take it nobody else has this problem which affects several of my apps and isn't restricted to Sony devices?
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    I think it's best to open a support ticker with them. Also, you can install Genymotion and install a Sony Xperia deice model (they have 4 models) and test your app in a virtual environment.
  • Both the Website activity and Custom Page activity show banner ads in a separate view placed below the view containing the HTML content. I don't recall ever seeing such a case before, but the only way the ad would be shown at the top is if the view containing the HTML content is empty or couldn't be created for some reason.
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