You have got to be kidding me.

This is probably the biggest ripoff. Sure, $50 bucks a year sounds good, when strip have the features I have requested and everything I paid for! 

Admins know I have been a pain and asked for all the features that are not available to me unless I change plans to...$499 a YEAR!? LOL.

Is this how you treat your customers?

The others may be expensive (heck I think you just matched prices with them), but at least they don't cheat you! Thanks alot Andromo.


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    @timothym96 I'm not sure what you mean, if you've previously paid for a gold project we've updated your subscription to the professional level for all of your apps at no cost. We haven't taken anything away from anyone that previously paid for gold. 

    We sent an email out to all of our customers detailing this change, check your inbox or your spambox and the email should be there.

  • Wow a little demanding arnt we now? Calm down a bit. Im sure andromo wants to make a A+ service here, and they have done just that. But give them time to prioritize things and take time to work on it. Be honest, If we wanted a android app with all the bells, whistles and features we wanted then we would have had a custom android development company do it for $6000+ and 4 months. But for the price and all the features we get its a STEAL of a deal.
  • @timithym96
    or you could learn to use eclipse and quit crying!
  • Sorry to be dumb about this but as I understand it:

    As an existing Gold subscriber I have been upgraded to Professional for ALL CURRENT apps.

    If I want to build additional Apps (specifically without the "Powered by Andromo" on the About screen ) at profesional level I need to pay $500 a year?


    Build additional apps WITH "Powered by Andromo" for $50 a year

    Is that right?

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    No, that's wrong. It's not just for your existing apps. :)

    The new plans are all unlimited -- you can make as many apps as you want!

    All the benefits of the Professional subscription are for all the apps that you make. So for the next year, you can just giver. Make five apps, make a hundred apps. Go for it! :)

    (When we said this was our way of saying thank you for being an early adopter, we really meant it. Our users mean the world to us!)
  • I replied in other thread too but THANKS AGAIN !

    Awsome job !!!

  • lorne

    Reading the email, it told me I could get the $50 doller plan. After looking at the $50 plan, basically everything that is important to a developer is gone, unless you pay the $499. I don't understand how I was extended till 2013, yet this wants me to buy something before June 30th.

    I don't get it.
  • @tymothym96, if you paid to make any of your apps Gold in the old pricing model, then you were automatically upgraded to the full Professional plan, so there is nothing else you need to purchase. The email went out to all existing users (including those who were upgraded to Professional).

    The $499 plan only removes the Andromo logo from the About screen, and lets you set a custom package name (beginning July 10). Those aren't things most developers need to worry about; it's primarily aimed at consultants and large businesses. If you're working as a consultant you should be making far, far more than $500 a year using Andromo, so the price is more than reasonable.

    Note that all subscription levels already remove the default Andromo ad. This is the banner-style ad that you would have seen throughout your app whenever ads were enabled but your own AdMob ads weren't shown. Normally this default ad would only be seen when an error occurred or there was no internet connection. However, for the past few months it would have been shown most of the time, because of users making illegal apps, as mentioned here and here.

    There isn't any default Andromo ad in the apps any more. A Professional subscription only affects the About screen and the package name.

  • Basically google requirements are that all apps have to be sighned by someone. Andromos compiler included the andromo signature because you cant have multiple signatures on a single system. So ALL andromo apps are sighned by andromo. When a person gets a app taken off play google freezes the account and the money. Once andromo tells google they only compile the app for us the unfreeze the account. So thats why andromo dosent link their admob account in your apps anymore.
  • Correct me if im wrong.
  • SWEET! So I'm set then for a year and can basically ignore the email? I apologize for freaking out, I thought something totally different.

    Thanks Andromo!
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