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I am uploading a zip file with my html pages in a folder and an html file to launch the menu

The site all works but I am using the archive html to load the html, which means I get a page before the menu page, which I have to click to go to the menu page.

I want to load the main_menu.htm immediately the app starts, how can I do this?


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    As far as I remember you need an index.html to open up first. This will be your menu, and you need to show how it is named form within the HTML Archive activity.
  • It sounds like you're looking to remove the dashboard. If so, go to the Dashboard tab of your project as select "None" as the "Dashboard Type".
  • I have used the html archive activity, put the index.html in the root then zipped it.

    The app works fine, but with archive, it is designed to display an icon which you are meant to click.

    I dint want this icon to display, I want it to immediately display my custom menu.

    with archive, there is no facility to launch the index.html directly without the click icon.

    Must be a way to do it, but how?

    I tried all ways moving the index.html into my launch pages menu, but the issue is not the index.htmlbut the archive which is clearly designed to always open a click icon to activate
  • Thanks Darryl, that suggestion worked!!
  • Sorry, I have one last issue!! how do I remove the tab from the top of the app view?
  • I responded to your support ticket already, but for others...

    - Go to the "Styles" tab of your project.
    - Locate the "Action Bar" area.
    - Change "Action Bar Mode" to "Show application name (no navigation)".
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