google push notification

I know it was just RE-releised but would it be possible to add GCM into andromo?


  • It would be possible to add GCM, but I'm not sure how we'd let people respond to arbitrary payloads without coding.

    If maybe not in a fully generic might make sense for us to put Google Cloud Messaging to use behind the scenes, powering a set of relatively specialized services.

    What kinds of payloads were you thinking of?
  • If i rember you can only push 1k of data. So probably a preset msg code to display a notification bar even. Application update available. Weather alerts, events, then app would open showing a page from interal app html, or external html in app browser window.
  • So are we going to be able to send push notifications?  This a pretty important part if you are looking to make money..
  • I would love push notifications, hint hint, new RSS topic ;)
  • Push notifications would allow us to market custom apps to small buisinesses such as those offering coupons, specials and anything that has a time period associated with an offer. I am for implementing push notifications as a feature.
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