Best Paying Network?

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After having my admob account banned last year I added Startapp and mobilecore adds to my 50 apps now mobile core stops First September what network would you guys recommend ?being the highest payers ,Im thinking giving the Fb Ads Ago 


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    Facebook or Amazon would be good options. Both have very good eCPM's. However, fill rates vary from 40-80% (in my case).

    How do you like StartApp?
  • FAN for sure. But why don't you give Admob another go?
    Two options: if you have a significant other, sign up under their name.
    Second option: sometimes, if you open bank account in another bank, the name they show on it is not EXACTLY same.
    For example, for me, one bank listed me as Name, Father's name, Surname. The second one listed me as Name, Surname. This is enough difference for Google not to be sure! But of course you would have to change your address to that of a friend or relative so you can receive the PIN for verification too.
  • Startapp very poor i was making £500/700 a month with admob when i moved to mobile core for banners and statapp for intre it dropped to about $300 from both $50 from Startapp

    I have done the admob thing about 3 times now Its differcult Im from the UK but live In Bulgaria so my name stands out 
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    @billywizz: I didn't know that StartApp performs so badly. They were one of the top paying networks for a long time.

    Any experience with the rest (AppBrain, AirPush)? I'm told that AppLovin and LeadBold are now poor performers as well. I've tried Millenial Media and MobPartner a few years ago and I didn't like them at all.
  • mMedia is awful, I used to have 0.05 USD ECPM for banners and interstitials back then.

    Startapp used to give me 0.20 eCPM for a year or so (but they are CPI) but lately, even without having added apps for like 8 months, they rose to 0.9 eCPM. Of course, seems reasonable to only give them in Google Play, since CPI network needs Google Play to deliver the install. I lately heard they sometimes have CPC ads, can anyone confirm it?

    Appbrain I haven't tried, Mobpartner I had tried for 1 month only and never made a single cent of it.

    Airpush is decent as standard banners. For me, maybe better than admob, but worse than FAN. I use them for alternative markets sometimes, but they are still detected as virus in 6/53 virus checkers. For those interested, I scan apk using (the same engine is used by 2-3 android markets for autocheck on apks for viruses. Since they find airpush to be virus, these stores do not allow airpush builds.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience, @anteos!
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