After looking into wallpaper apps all day and building a test app.
The thumbnails are such poor quality , I have used the Flickr activity, no good also using the feed off my own blog and its still really bad.
If I add the same image via a gallery activity all is well.
After checking the forum the same thing came up in 2013 and still the same !
Picasso is now stopped is there another solution?


  • Not really. I've tried everything possible back then. It's best to use the Gallery.
  • Using the Gallery makes the app huge and also very time-consuming and doing one image at a time 
  • That's the only solution at the moment. Or you can try uploading your images to a WordPress site and use a mobile plugin. That works great, BUT, people will complain that they aren't able to share/save images.
  • Guys, the Photo RSS feed isnt OK for you?
    Thumbnails quality isnt that much of a problem there, if I remember well.
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    @anteos, nope, for me it didn't work well. I remember fixing the quality issues, but then the loading (speed) issues came. I've spent about a week doing everything I could remember, but to no avail.

    I have bought a custom coded app later on, but the images needed to be hosted on a dedicated server to work fast enough. Maybe nowadays there are better and simpler solutions, but I don't do those kind of apps anymore.
  • @hendrixs
    I have also stopped doing those. They do not work well enough in terms of downloads.
  • Nope, plus the eCPM is usually quite low.
  • Hey, anteos I have used the Flickr feed and also used the RSS feed off my blog to add images.
    Could it be the speed there loading ,is it worth setting up a blog on a vps to see if that helps?
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    If you want to go via blog / mobile gallery plugin, you don't need a VPS. Normal hosting will do. But users will get super mad for not being able to share/save images. Been there, done that...

    I haven't tried using VPS for hosting images for Andromo via RSS, tho. I doubt it will help. If you can try it out cheaply, give it a go.
  • your right never changed a thing , just installed 
    WPJaipho mobile gallery plugin

    trying it out now

  • Please let us know how it goes and if you're happy with it, once done testing it. Thanks.
  • I did with it I've spent 3 days on trying to make it work, or justifying why I'm using andromo .
    I can buy a script from codecanyon and build it.
    You guys say you don't build wallpaper apps anymore , could you tell me what apps do you build with androma ?
    I took a subscription out a few years ago and built youtube apps but they all got shut down eventually.
    Now they pretty much don't get in the play store.  
  • If you know HTML5 / PHP, you can do wonders with Andromo.

    The old recipe is to look at the top charts, see what works, and try to make a similar / better version of it. A few years ago that worked like a charm, but nowadays it's more of a hit & miss game. Nevertheless, I have a 1 year old GP account and I was able to bring it up to 500-600 USD/month (working on it part time).

    The key is to make QUALITY apps. You need to invest in the icon, graphics and content creation. That alone does not guarantee success, but it improves your chances considerably.
  • Every app you put online should have decent text, icon and screenshots. Don't go the lazy fast way - either produce decent logo with Photoshop or order it from fIver or something.
    The description helps too.
    At the moment 1 app (ONE) produces for me 40% of all my apps revenue.
    Just keep in mind that I have more than 400 apps online in alternative stores and maybe 60 on GP.
    One out of 400 is 40% of income... pure luck I guess?
  • @anteos
    It's the same for everyone I know, including me. It's Pareto principle (80/20 rule) at work. :) Everything in life follows it.

    You need to produce a lot of apps and put yourself out there. Maybe you get lucky on your first try, maybe on your 50th. The key is to produce many, but good apps. Producing spam apps doesn't work anymore - those times are long gone.
  • I'm working on the same principle a numbers game , I currently have 200 apps up over a couple of accounts which I intend 2 double over January.
    I looked at other apps on the play store that use Androma to see what others were building and there are a lot of builds for wallpaper.with lots of downloads,
    with lots of downloads,

    Now they could be paying for install/reviews which would be very expensive by the looks of the downloads 
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    I'm not sure people will be happy if you out them here.

    It could be from times when this stuff worked very well - and once you have a successful app, you can achieve a lot by cross-promoting your apps. You need to get lucky only once or twice.

    There are also many similar apps to the ones mentioned that only have a few 100 DL's. You can only know for sure what will happen if you try. For me, it didn't work good enough to invest my time and money in it.

    Buying incentivized downloads will only harm your app, nothing else. It used to work, but not anymore. I almost ruined one of my apps this way after investing a considerable amount of time and money in it (it was progressing nicely, but when I started an incentivized campaign, the rankings went to a free fall - it's like buying low-quality links for your website - you'll only get hurt).

    Paying for reviews is also dead - especially with the latest GP update, which is about month old. I know a guy who did it in a much more sophisticated way than just buying/exchanging reviews (it was very ingenious and out of the box thinking), but Google detected it anyway and deleted 90% of the reviews.

    Of course, nothing is set in stone what I say - you can always try it for yourself, maybe you'll have a different experience.
  • @billywizz 

    Hey, I've started with andromo way back and in time with a lot of luck and being at the right time at the right place did manage to get lots of downloads on few apps. Cross promotion works well. Plus andromo is always evolving and the best thing is you can update a lot of app in a matter of hours instead of hundrets. So consider this when making apps. this is long term revenue and the best policy is quality with content people want ( or you hope so )
    @hendrixs do you understand č
  • Hey mirt yes I started some years ago when it was as easy as uploading the app and you made money.
    Unfortunately, those apps I made then were against copyright but made some very good money at the time like $3000 a month.
  • Ive just tried a new flickr rss feed as recommended in the note.

  • How is it? The thumbnails are looking way off, is it because of the screenshot or it actually looks like that?
  • Same app same phone just a screenshot of the gallery

  • It looks nice. How is the loading time because I had lag issues on IOS apps with server backed images.
    And native ads would be an amazing feature in our gallery style apps
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    It actually looks like that. I remember having the same issues.

    I always had lag issues using Flickr OR my own RSS feed (the images were hosted on a shared hosting plan). I think I even had thumbnail versions for the "preview" and full versions. But nothing really helped.
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