0 Earnings / 0 Traffice / 0 RPM ADMOB Today

Hi everyone, 

Just today i got 
0 Earnings / 0 Traffice / 0 RPM ADMOB Today

normally around this time of the day i hit $30 already and atleast $150 in 1 day.. but today admob hit 0 for everything.. i think its just a delay or bug since yesterday i noticed that my traffic froze for about 6 hours and boosted after that.. anyone experiencing this at the moment?


  • My metrics delayed too, but eventually fixed themselves.
  • yes its fine on my end now.. lately and actually at the moment admob is doing it again.. cant wait for january to end.. worst month ever
  • It started well for me (keeping the December rates for some 10 days) but dropped suddenly and hard after it. All in all, a better month than all the summer months of 2016 and better than last year's January. However, the drop makes me worried on what February has for us.
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    Yes. The drop hurts. I compared to this month last year and with the same traffic as a year ago, revenue has been cut in half. Hurts the budget. Hope Springtime is better. I wish the Admob ad selling team would sell at a better CPM.
  • i know guys this trend is all around but not entirely sure everything will recover from where it used to be.. hope everything will be fine by february
  • Don't get me wrong, January is better than all other months of 2016 except December. It is expected to drop hard after December. But let's see what February has for us.
  • The eCPM in January is always quite bad, because the advertisers are out of money for advertising, and people are generally out of money for spending. Except if you're in a fitness niche. :)

    I was expecting lower eCPM, but I also lost some traffic (after a HUGE burst at the start of the year). Nevertheless, I hope February will be better.
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