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If I add my one AdMob account to 2 google play store account am I likely to get banned what's your opinion


  • I have done it, and one of the accounts that had used it actually had got banned too.
    But no problems. However, if an account gets banned and all admob IDs get suspended, you might reach the limit where the admob account itself will be suspended. I doubt anyone knows what that limit is, but if you got two accounts you likely have more apps, so more apps IDs and more chances of suspension.
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    Don't do it. I asked this Google and it's a firm NO! I think this was allowed some time ago, but now it isn't.
  • Sorry guys I have another question I had a play store account banned 1 year ago but admob was never banned is the admob account dead now .I cannot open a new playstore and build new apps and use that admob account
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    It would be best to ask AdMob directly - tell them that you want to make apps, but you'll publish them on Amazon and Samsung.

    Don't worry that they "forgot" to close your AdMob account and would do so if you contact them. They're smarter than that.

    But if you open a new GP account, then definitely don't use your old AdMob account with it. It's very likely (probably guaranteed) that both will get banned.
  • Hey hendrixs what other ad network would you recommend I have already built 70 apps using fb ads
    I also have built with start app.
    Maybe Amazon ?
  • Hey @billywizz, Amazon is very good for eCPM, but the fill rate is somewhat low. However, if you combine it with FAN, I think you should get 90%+ fill rate.

    Those are the only other ad networks that I use next to AdMob.
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