Important Improvements

  • Duplicate apps
  • add to Favorites
  • Support for m3u8 streaming radio
  • Support for video streaming
  • A search engine for activities

I hope you can consider my suggestions, thank you!


  • Add an option to show or hide "Share" in Podcast.

    Add support for aac Radio.

    Add previous Dashboard designs.
  • Adding an option to control podcast sharing is on the todo list, but it has a relatively low priority at the moment.

    aac is already supported if it's supported on the device (although not all devices have full support for it -- adding third party support for those would require you to pay hefty royalties).

    The previous dashboard designs are seriously outdated, but we do plan to add some additional item styles to accomodate our users.

    Duplicating apps is essentially impossible due to issues built into the server back end we use.

    m3u8 and video streaming are remote possibilities, but that is not something we will be able to work on any time soon (we have many more important things to finish first).

    As for a search engine for activities, do you mean in the Andromo project website, or in the app itself?
  • - The searcher would be internal, to look for activities when they are many, that would facilitate the user to find a specific, example: if there are more than 100 activities it would be nice to be able to search for a specific one.

    - I would also like to know how I can do a search engine within a "Custom Page" activity with html, thanks in advance
  • And it would be nice to be able to translate "About" into our own language. My apps are completely in Norwegian and it looks pretty wierd when the About page is in English
  • I have a soundboard app with a lot of content. Search is an oft-requested feature. Just a way to run a quick search against all the audio track entries by title would be fantastic.
  • I ask for help to upload many images to the gallery activity once, it would be very helpful an option so for the people that make wallpapers app

  • Thank you in advance for attending my suggestion, a greeting!
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    Please guys, I just need to know if it is possible and if you can help me with this improvement. @colinadams @darryl @lorne
  • Thanks for the suggestion, it's on the list, but it's not happening any time soon.
  • @absordor They have been saying "uploading multi images" om their to do list for 3 years. I dont know how long this list is, but the turn for that requests has never come.
    @colinadams @darryl

    6 of my friends are using andromo on my advice and we all are waiting for that feature. We hope that you bring this feature or somebody else creates a platform which has that feature.
  • Have you considered using the media rss feed instead?
  • edited September 2017
    @colinadams do you have complete tutorial about it? how I am supposed to create photo feeds on my server?
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