Creating a Calendar Activity

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Hello all, 
This is my first time using a tool like Andromo. I have an app idea that is based around using a calendar as an activity. The calendar needs to be able to be viewed and preferably be different than the user's Google Calendar. Is there a way to do this? I looked at the 20 different activities according to the Andromo Knowledge base and couldn't find one that fits my needs. If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be much appreciated. If I am able to create this app, I definitely want to purchase a membership to monetize my app as well as any others that I create. Thanks! 


  • I see that the developers post on the forums; any word from one of you guys (or gals) on how to do this? I really want to create my idea but I can't find any option in the app creator.
  • You should probably try find out a way to make one using HTML or try embed some online calendar into your HTML archive. Andromo does not offer an activity for Calendar.
  • How does one go about embedding an HTML calendar into one's archive? o.o My app idea hinges on an interactive calendar, too, and I haven't found many useful bits of info online yet, though obviously interactive calendars are used in apps a ton! TYIA!
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