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Hello everyone!

I recently started using Andromo for simple apps, and apart from the amount of activities and customization (such as fonts) that are missing, I mostly love it.

There is one significant feature that I think the app is missing, however. There is a very simple trick that "coding" app developers use to promote their app and prevent bad ratings/reviews at the same time, that would be easy to add to Andromo, yet would improve the success of apps made using it by a lot. It is the Rating/Feedback prompt. It is important to note that it is very different from just adding an activity redirecting to the play store listing which results in more positive but also negative ratings, as well as diminished UX.

The way it works, is that after a given person uses an app for a given amount of time, he gets a prompt asking him if he is enjoying his experience. If he chooses "no", it asks him if he would like to send feedback/suggestions through provided e-mail address and redirects him to his e-mail app. If he says "yes" he is prompted to leave a rating/review for the app in the app store.
It significantly decreases the amount of negative feedback as it redirects many unhappy users to e-mail the negative feedback instead. It also increases the positive ratings by prompting the user to leave a rating if he is happy with his experience, while additionally the prompt appears to "active" users who have been using the app for a little while and are more likely to leave positive rating, without it they often just use and enjoy the app without ever thinking of rating it.

Would it be possible to add such feature in one of the future updates of Andromo?


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    It's what I do in all my custom apps and the best one stands at 4.8 stars (the lowest average rating among all those apps is 4.5). It's a useful feature, for sure.
  • Agreed!
  • Is there any chance something could be done regarding this in the new updates? There is already a launch notice that surely keeps track of number of app launches. Could we also get a "rating/feedback" prompts after lets say, 2 or 3 launches? That would be so awesome!
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