3 suspended apps means ban?

I have 2 suspended apps at my account which I get a long time ago and yesterday google suspend 3rd app, i read that 3 strikes means ban but my account is still alive. Can I update my other apps at that account and did someone have 3 or more suspended apps on accounts?


  • You need to check if the emails you received from Google contain the word "strike".
    3 strikes mean ban, but you won't necessarily get a strike with an app suspension.
  • I've had several suspended apps (Still can't figure out why since all items were public domain but I just move on) but never a strike do my Google play account hasn't been banned. I believe you have to have egregious violations of Google Play rules to get completely banned. 
  • Thanks @keithco for answer. I have 3 apps suspended because of DMCA (some pictures are blured but still that is a problem I think) and I dont have any strike suspended apps, only that DMCA. Account is still alive but im afraid to update apps or add new ones.
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