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  • HI Sylvia, THANKS for your advice, I did email them, see if they get back to me. I think my account is active, I have had it for many weeks now, thats how long I've been working on it LOL Have a GREAT day!! Cooper
  • HI, Thanks for the advice, but I cannot click on the ENABLE button, it does now allow me to click on it. According to the Opera manual, I have to first click on the ACTIVE button on the page after I fill out all the app details. I have filled eve…
  • Hi Gang!!! I have 3 apps in the Opera store, and I can't get ANY of them to have the little "Active" box to lite up so I can check it. I have the same problem as admin786 above, and I can see that I have to check the "Active" box on the page wher…
  • HI Darryl, I was using Web Expression, and after I made the first test site, i continued making pages for more archived pages. Not sure of the exact cause that fixed it, but I started all over, right from scratch and everything is fine. But I do …
  • Got it figured out!!!!!! THANKS
  • HI darryl, Where or how do you want me to submit this info? Thanks
  • Hi Pixelpower, I had an index.html file in each activity, then I changed one to a different name, still wouldn't build. I believe I have the dashboard enabled, really don't know how to disable it. THANKS