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  • I deleted Google Analytics and made new build. That worked. The Settings menu item has gone.
  • I have read the GDPR blog and fully aware of this change. The problem I am having is the Usage Data checkbox appears in the Settings but does not work, i,e. no tick or untick option.  If it does not work, how can I not show the Settings menu? P…
  • I am located in UK - still part of the EU. I am not using any ad networks but I am using Google Analytics. Should I delete Google Analytics for the Usage Data checkbox option to work?
  • The teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is already out. Where is teaser for Andromo 5?
  • I think this refers to the Error message that appears when there is no internet connection. The default is:   "Web page not available .... The Web page at http://www........... might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web…
  • I have been a member for seven months and can't see anything has changed. No new templates, menu styles or features. I have built a few apps but not bothered to publish as they look so basic and not all like "real" Android apps. Andromo is just a pl…