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  • I use mobpartner in another way and I make $5-10 per day from it with around 25 APPs released ;>
    in Ad revenues Comment by lookzor June 2013
  • Infact, 14 minutes after writing this the stats have finally updated ;)))))
    in Admob issue Comment by lookzor June 2013
  • I found threads where it has happened a few times. Reporting gets delayed and it can take upto a week to correct itself. I was upto $15-20 in admob daily, but hasn't reported since early hours 8 june :) It will be fine, don't worry about it or ask a…
    in Admob issue Comment by lookzor June 2013
  • Well after e-mailing him, all of a sudden I've lost 5 negative reviews from the 10 total that I had, after he e-mailed me back saying he hadn't bought any negative reviews? Bit of a coincidence? ;) He's a liar and knows hes been caught. Yeah you cou…
  • Thanks hendrixs. I've just had the first idiot who is buying negative reviews on one of my APPs and positive reviews for his APP. He released it only 2 days ago and it has 20 positive reviews, when I released it weeks ago and it only got a few posit…
  • It's up now but for a while, I couldn't visit that address. Kept getting an error but all other sites were fine.
  • With the methods I'm using for monetization, admob and 2 other methods, a little different to what some may be doing, I'm now at a consistent $10 a day usually, and I suspect when I reach 100 apps, it'll be $40+! or more a day.  Don't know if everyo…
  • Hey, I'm actually upto $55 now but that's from Android APP installs on MobPartner and Admob together. They've each earned about the same. I am making around $1 per 1,000 impressions based off both methods. Currently get between 700-1000 installs per…
  • *One more post, Most of that being $10-12 dollars each day the last 2 days :D It's snowballing slowly :P
  • Hey, Done a bit more research and here's what I found. If you don't want scrolling images just upload the images with the exact width and height of the mobile. If you want them to scroll you need to do the above as said which is x the width by 2 and…
  • lol! Nope the guide is 509 pages long with images. Printing again with a virtual printer which I already did only reduced it by 2 MB, further saving it as a reduced sized PDF removed another 10 MB, and then I used the split command to make it into 3…